I keep things simple to make your communications more powerful. 

I've written most things over the past 15 years, from speeches for Nobel laureates to direct mail campaigns that smashed their targets to national newspaper blogs that were shared around the world.

But whatever I'm working on, my thinking is the same. Focus on clarity. Make sure a single, compelling message shines through. And never lose sight of what these words need to achieve - whether that's donations, sales, stronger relationships, understanding or something completely different. I'm here to help you get noticed and get results.   

 I specialise in writing for charities and not-for-profit organisations, but I help plenty of businesses outside the charity sector make themselves heard too.

I'm also an experienced journalist, which helps with jobs like editing Oxfam's supporter magazine and Mind's membership magazine (that's me in the Mind magazine photo below). It also means I've got a lot of experience interviewing people who benefit from charities' work - so I understand what a privilege this is and how to tell people's stories with respect and sensitivity. 

A spread from  Mind Membership News , which I write and edit for this brilliant mental health charity four times a year. 

A spread from Mind Membership News, which I write and edit for this brilliant mental health charity four times a year. 

Matt is a brilliant writer and a pleasure to work with. He has meticulous attention to detail but he’s also extremely creative, and manages to turn potentially uninspiring content into real gems. We’ve been delighted with everything he has produced.
— Chloe George, Storytelling and Content Project Manager at Teenage Cancer Trust